Persons must hold to the truth that God (that is the One True God, Who is the God of the Bible, and Who is known only in and through the Lord Jesus Christ) created all things, and that He instituted the parameters for all rectitude, including those covering human rights and normalcy. Any and every person who does not firmly hold to this belief, will not be considered for church membership in Truth in Love Fellowship nor for any other involvement in Truth in Love Ministries.

This requirement includes, but is not limited to: (1) believing that God created sexuality and endorsed as legitimate only heterosexual behavior; (2) believing that He mandated that all human sexual acts be confined to monogamous marriage; (3) believing that He established that any and every marriage consists only of one man and one woman, a husband and his wife; (4) believing that marriage is intended to last for as long as the two shall both continue to live in this earthly walk; and (5) believing that all these requirements shall be fully in force until sex and marriage in this earthly life end at the advent of eternity future

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